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From receiving support to giving back

Dianne Nieves | Social Work | Class of 2020

Dianne Nieves, ’20, lives to pay it forward. Attending CSE on an Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) scholarship, she understands the value of giving back. In fact, Dianne plans to use her CSE education to then help others by becoming a social worker who focuses on children in the foster care system.

“EOF is such a privilege,” says Dianne. “It paved the way for how my college experience would go and now I just want to help others who haven’t been as fortunate.”

Dianne, who is fluent in both English and Spanish, is deeply involved in CSE’s compassionate and welcoming culture. She’s a member of the College’s Solidarity Project, that aims to promote educational and productive discussions about diversity and participates in Campus Ministry’s faith-building program “Camino.”

“I chose CSE because it’s a small campus,” says Dianne.

“You get so many more opportunities than you would at a larger school because the professors here actually know your name.”


  • Graduates can be credentialed as Certified Social Workers by N. J.
  • 13:1 student to faculty ratio
  • Generally, a faster path to M.S.W.

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Individuals with a passion for helping others may earn a B.S.W., or a concentration in Social Work while pursuing a B.A. in Sociology.

B.S.W.B.A. in Sociology